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Laboratory Space
New lab and adjacent office space are available.

Equipment Bay
Contains shared core equipment for members of the Institute for Molecular Plant Science.

Plant Growth Rooms
Extensive growth rooms are available specifically designed for the high density growth of Arabidopsis plants. Further growth rooms are also available for the growth of larger plant species. These rooms are managed by dedicated technical support.

A number of transgenic and non-transgenic greenhouses are available, which are again managed by dedicated technical support.

Imaging Facility
Two confocal microscopes are available, in addition to three state-of-the-art microscope work stations, which each cover all contempory imaging requirements.
The facility also contains three distinct CCD imaging cameras suitable for various luciferase imaging requirements, such as high throughput mutant screening.
An extensive imaging suite is also available for image editing post acquisition.
The imaging facility is also managed by dedicated technical support.
The Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy Micromanipulation & Imaging Centre (COSMIC), is a cross-disciplinary centre between physics and the life sciences. COSMIC provides further access to cutting edge imaging technology.

Biochemistry Facility
Equipment for HPLC, FPLC and proteomics is available, managed by dedicated technical support.
The Edinburgh Protein Interaction Centre (EPIC), which is a unique centre of excellence in molecular sciences containing state-of-the-art equipment, is also accessible
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