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Edinburgh University Ph.D. Scholarships

A number of Ph.D. scholarship schemes may be available for well qualified students with an interest in molecular plant pathology.

We also encourage applications from self-funded students or those who have been awarded scholarships from their respective countries.

International Postdoctoral fellowships
Applications are encouraged from overseas postdoctoral level scientists, with a strong research track record, who would be interested in applying for an appropriate postdoctoral fellowship:

Human Science Frontier Program: http://www.hfsp.org

European Fellowships

EMBO Fellowships: http://www.embo.org

Marie Curie Fellowships: http://www.cordis.lu

Asian Fellowships

Chinese Fellowships: http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk

Japanese Postdoctoral fellowships: http://www.jsps.go.jp

Korean Postdoctoral fellowships: http://www.kosef.re.kr

Visiting and Sabbatical Scientists
We are also happy to host visiting scientists and academics who would be interested in undertaking a sabbatical at the Institute.

Please contact: Gary Loake

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